Our Herb Collection in aged moss grey terracotta pot. 


Images from Left to Right:


  • Rosemary Topairy w/ Herbs, (oregano, thyme, sage) Window Box. Perfect for the Mom who loves to cook; all of the spices in one place. Its rectangular shape is perfect for any kitchen window. (Pictured Left) Size: 12" L, 20" H


  • Herb Combo, Rosemary Topiary with oregano, sage and thyme. A smaller version of our window box container. (Back Right Picture)    Size: 6" D, 16" T


  • Plectranthus 5" Pot, standing 8" tall. Not a herb, but its fuzzy leaves smell divine; a sweet smell of lemon. Soft rounded cupped foliage with excellent heat and drought tolerance. We just had to put it in our Herb Collection, you'll see why. (Middle Picture) Size: 5" D, 8" H


Plant Care Info:

  • Full Sun
  • Somewhat drought tolerant
  • Indoor/Outdoor



Herb Collection $18 - $78

Aroma Collection