Our modern Succulent Collection. Our best sellers!


Images Left to Right:


  • Haworthia - Easy to grow attractive succulent sometimes called the “cushion aloe” or the fasciata zebra succulent plant.  Takes shade and drought tolerant.( Pictured Left) Size 5.5' D, 9" H


  • Aeonium in 6" grey pot: Aeoniums are without a doubt, some of the most beautiful and sought after additions to succulent collections.They reward our efforts with gorgeous spoon shaped foliage show here in shades of burgundy and green. Full sun will keep the foliage burgundy and partial sun will keep the leaves more green, not to mention drought tolerant.  (Pictured Middle) Size: 6" D, 14" T


  • Echervia in 4" grey pot. Echeverias are some of the most popular succulent types because the leaves grow out from a central point, called a rosette. Its blue sage color is a great contrast to its grey pot. Full sun and drought tolerant. Size: 4" D, 6" H



Succulent Collection $10 - $24